Thursday, September 24, 2009


Highlight of the day = Seeing good ol' Pat Benatar sing "We Belong" live.

Okay let me start from the beginning. Today was my first day of college. Woohoo. Thank God I was given classes that don't seem too overwhelming. I actually enjoyed my first day. The only problem is all the walking in this heat. I think the walk will be really beautiful and nice when it starts to cool down this fall. There are lots of pretty trees. My first class is on the fifth floor of the pointy building that you can see on the ten freeway. So that means I have to go up five flights of stairs and boy was it hot. You may be thinking why not use the elevator in this heat. But the line is ridiculous besides I feel bad taking up the space for the people with disabilities who use them. There were quite a few people in wheel chairs or scooters in line and I don't want to stand if front of them. Anyway after that I quickly run down the stairs and rush over to my next class which is up three flights of stairs but at least this stair case is in doors. Then I get to eat lunch. Today I made a Delicious turkey sandwich with avocado and tomato in it. After that I go up to my final class, Intro to Hospitality Restaurant Management 101, on the hill. And when I say hill I mean HILL. Okay maybe I am exaggerating a tad. But really it was hot today and I got blisters on my feet from walking up that thing.
So i took a picture from on top of the hill before I walked to my car. I was trying to get to the parking structure behind the pointy building. It doesn't look that far in the photo but it really was. I mean going up and down the hill is time consuming on its on but then going all the way across the campus while holding books and stuff is crazy. Let me just say I was so sweaty and gross. Good thing I didn't see anyone I knew haha.
Wow I did not right a good sized paragraph about it being hard to get around. Yikes Man I need to stop complaining. Because over all School was wonderful. :] It really was. And yay four day weekend. Every weekend. All is well!!

Anyway enough about school stuff. Later today I went to the fair with my friends Alyse, Katie, and Cassie. I had a really fun time. Thats where Patricica Benatar comes in. Earlier today while I was on the fair website I noticed that Pat B. would be there but I did not think we would be able to see her. I thought you had to by tickets. Fortunately I was wrong. Yep yep. It was a unexpected suprise. Who knew I would ever get to see her in concert. Fun Day!!!

Well Night


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