Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The picture has nothing to do with the post but my blog entry looks so naked without one. So here is a picture I took with my phone of David and David. So cute.

Well I feel so productive lately. It is so nice having the house to myself. David and Coryn have school and my mom and dad are working during the day. I love it. I have so much time to do anything I please. I have been cleaning quite a bit(which I usually hate to do but now I actually enjoy it. Crazy right?) It is so peaceful at home. I did all the following between today and yesterday- sewed, exercised, bathed Mimi, did laundry, went to downtown Whittier and Glendora and walked around, thrift shopped, babysat, learned to cook my Abuelita's enchiladas, made dinner (Enchiladas, Guacamole and beans- I cheated with them they were from a can...), watched an old movie. Hmmm... what will I do tomorrow. I think I will give my room a good cleaning. It needs one. Although I have tidied up the rest of the house I haven't tackled my room.

Well I have til the 24Th to enjoy my time alone at home. Then school starts. But even then I only have classes Tuesday and Thursday. I am looking forward to a year of change. Good change. :) I am most definetly going to take advantage of my time and do as much as I can with it.



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