Saturday, February 25, 2012


Fridays are great.
I get to sleep in!
But not too late cause I like to go to the thrift store in the morn.
yesterday on my little thrift trip I found some goodies
thrifty Friday
I love finding treasures in a piles of junk.
Such a good feeling it is.
I'm going to need a storage unit for all the lovelies I find.

After thrifting I picked up Jessi from school and we went out for lunch. Delicious thai food.
Then we went home and broke up and packaged the rosemary almond toffee I had made earlier in the day.
rosemary almond toffee
After we went to Jessi's house and I sat in the sun light while my little cousin snapped some pictures of me. He loves taking pictures with my camera. A little photographer in the making.
love the way the sun feels on my face on a cool day.


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