Monday, February 20, 2012

I've got it bad

I seems to always have Europe on my mind
specifically England.
more like London to be exact
Never in my life have I been so infatuated with one place.
The things I would do to experience what I did when I was there.
I want to go back.
I will go back if the Lord permits it.
The truth is I fell in love with that pretty city.
And when you fall in love with something
you can't get it off your mind
you want tell everybody about it.
you dream about it
you reminisce about it
and you miss it when your not with it.
really really really miss it!

This probably sounds so cheesy and lame but this is the way I've felt ever since I came back from my European adventures.

I desperately want to see the world. I have HUGE dreams. I know they may not come true but I try to live life believing they will. Daydreaming makes me happy. Really really happy.

My God is amazing. I mean really amazing. I just reread this post and it made me realize how quickly he made my dream of going to Italy come true. I wrote that post a little less then eight months before I went to Rome.

I have been praying for many travels since I was a child. He heard and answered.
I will continue to pray and ask the Lord for a way to experience living in England in my young age. Until then I hope I can remember to always thank him for the wonderful experiences he kindly gave me.

And perhaps to tame my ambitious traveling heart I will have to take some smaller more doable trips across the Continental US. Lately the beautiful redwoods have been on my mind. O how I love them. Northern California road trip anyone? How about the east coast. New England? I had so much fun with the family when we were there last summer but we just didn't get to see enough. So much history. It would take ages to see all the historical sites.

Well I better get to bed. I have a tricky little assignment tomorrow. I'll try to post some photos of the dishes I make.

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