Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Spanish culture is so different from American.
There are so many reasons but for now I will focus on affection.

In general the Spanish are very affectionate. Not only physically but verbally as well. They always great each other with kind words like beautiful, sweet, handsome, pretty, queen/princess.
And I mean always.
It's never just hello.
ALWAYS "hola guapa"
or some other nice name.

You also always greet with two kisses. Maybe more. Also it wouldn't be strange for two men to kiss each others cheeks which I have yet to see in the states.

Let me just say I LOVE the affection. I love that when I get the urge to hug or kiss a friend I can just do it. Back home if I were to do that people would look at me funny.

I have always been a very affectionate person. My mom is the one who receives most of the abrazos y besos. I think it's almost too much for her. As I am always clinging to her for some love. Sorry mama. I've always been "needy" when it comes to affection.

It's quite funny when I was younger my cousins use to call me "kissy faced Esther" because I always wanted to hug and kiss them.

With that said Spain is thee perfect place for my affectionate self. I am really savoring and taking in all the cuddles and love that I am receiving. I love it.

Well goodnight.

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