Tuesday, July 3, 2012


On Saturday before meeting with my dear friends. I walked around Xativa solo. This feeling of exploring foreign places on my own has become all too familiar. I really enjoy getting to completely take in a little city/village. There is nothing like Looking at my surrounding, Listening to the sounds the village makes, Feeling the cool breeze on my warm skin, Tasting the different pastries and desserts they have to offer, and smelling the sweet scent of wild flowers. I take it all in. Trying to memorize everything about it before my return home.DSC_0002DSC_0021DSC_0041DSC_0049DSC_0046DSC_0052
Oh how I love to explore.

Tomorrow is a special day in the good ole USA. I'm really bummed I won't be stateside to celebrate with my nation. It is one my favorite things to celebrate. Such a fun holiday it is. Well to all my fellow Americans I hope you have a wonderful fourth.


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