Monday, October 18, 2010


Today started out pretty lame but then got a whole lot better as it went on.
I woke up with a painfully sore throat which lingered all day.
Then I went to class and had my appointment with my professor. He had us turn in our English papers and looked over them with us. The topic was "What are shoes and what do they mean?" I know lame, right? I put a great deal of time and effort into it and ended up with B- I was quite bummed. I really struggle with writing. I find it very difficult to put in words what is on my mind. Don't get me wrong I love to write. But I hate writing when so much depends on it. I mean if you fail a writing assignment your almost sure to fail the class since most teachers grade you on so few papers.

I am praying that I don't stress over my future papers. I really want an A in the class.

My day really does get better. After school Gaby and I went to Bea's for lunch which was amazing! I seriously love that place. They have great pasta's. Then we headed to Notting Hill for a bit of shopping. I didn't actually get to buy anything though. It was just fun to walk around and enjoy the lovely little street full of shops. Then we came home and had some yummy left over pasta from last night. After we head to our favorite pub, The White Horse, with some of our friends from school.

See it did end wonderfully.
Now I need to get some rest. Hopefully my body can rid itself from this sore throat.

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Joyous said...

Miss Esther!!! You are an amazing writer!!! Don't sell yourself so short. Look at your blog!!!! You're a natural! :) :) :) Glad you had a better night! To end your day in a pub with friends sounds like so much fun!!!! Straight out of a movie. :)
BTW...speaking of movies...did you find the little book store in Notting Hill that Julia visits in the movie? :)