Thursday, October 28, 2010


so I am a bit overwhelmed.
School seems to do this to me often...

I have 2 english papers
a take home economics take home midterm with 12 essays and 14 short answers
another take home midterm for history with lots of essays and short answers as well
and a ten page term paper.

Oh and then my professor said we would be getting an addtional econmonics and history midterm following our current two.

I don't know how I am going to get all this done in the next 3 weeks. There are so many distractions here in London.

It looks like i'll be spending much of my time studying...I know I can do it. I just don't want to.
So dear friends if you would please pray that I have the endurance and drive to complete these assignments quickly that would be wonderful. Because the last thing I want to be doing is studying while i am in London. There are so many better things to be done here.

Well im off to a Halloween Party!!! Tomorrow I will study study study.

I am really praying the Lord peforms a miracle and I became insanely smart and finish in a weekend.

Since I never like to post without a photo. Above is a picture of a random street performer that was in front of my favorite store ever, Anthropolgie!

Bye friends

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