Thursday, October 21, 2010

unexpected Gaby and I were suppose to be in Ireland. But unfortunately we missed our coach. We were terribly sad. Well it started off with me being extremely angry. We frantically ran round the station with our luggage looking around for our coach and we couldn't find it anywhere. Boy was I mad. I was mad at myself. Why couldn't we have got there early? We most definitely learned our lesson. We are usually never late but this time we were. It was just horrible. It is really difficult to get to the station with luggage in tow. First we had to walk to the bus station then catch a bus to the tube station. It's not easy carrying heavy bags up and down stairs when you are in a rush. Not easy at all. Oh and did I mention how crowded these stations are. I'm sure there is a reason the good Lord didn't want us to go on the trip.
It was just difficult because it has always been a dream of mine to go to Ireland. I have always wanted to see the beautiful lush land and meet awesome Irish folk. When we were planning the trip we talked to a few Irish people from the company we booked through. They were so sweet and we loved there cool accents.
After feeling terribly angry about the whole situation I called my father to tell about what happened. He was so comforting and made me feel so much better. He always makes me feel better when I extremely disappointed.
Anyways, I am so so so thankful that God has allowed me to come to England. I adore the city of London and am so grateful for my time spent here. I do pray that one day I will go and spend a few weeks in Ireland and Italy. I will continue to dream of those places just as I dreamt of England. Through Jesus my dream became a reality! He is so good to me. Words cannot explain.

Well let me tell you what I did today!! Gaby and I had the most lovely day. It was sunny with beautiful blue skies. The only bad thing was that the weather was quite cold. So we went to the Borough Market which was amazing. It was full of cheeses, breads, wines, pastries, poultry, and spices. I wish I could do my market shopping there everyday. It is so nice knowing your food is fresh. I had a delicious salad and Gaby had a yummy sandwich. We will definitely have to go back to the market.


Hang out around the Thames.

Then later that evening we went to the White Horse, once again. I had the most delicious pad thai with King Prawns. (Dad the prawns, I mean shrimp, were delicious. I thought of you when I ate them because I knew you would love them.)

Sorry for the blury picture. It was the only one I could use.

Can't wait to eat the left overs tomorrow.


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Nana said...

Wow, all that food looks so scrumptious, fresh and appealing! Glad you made it a good day instead of dwelling on the negative. God wants us to count our blessings. And it's all because of Him you are experiencing this wonderful trip. He is the provider. Did you get your money back?

Now you have a future goal to take a trip to Ireland and Italy. I too have a goal to go to Spain, Italy and France. It's my dream.