Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sorry for the lame blog posts this weekend. I like to give you guys daily updates but these past few days have been spent at home working on the most horrible midterm ever.(Okay I might be acting a bit dramatic but this stuff is pretty tough for me) A few tears were shed out of pure frustration this weekend. Gah I wanna be smart. I seriously envy those kids who finish stuff like this in a couple of hours. I know there will be some tomorrow who turn in there paper in and say I started this paper at 3 A.M. and they will get an A. I'm sure they are having a wonderful time right now gallivanting around the city on Halloween.Me on the other hand that same paper will take me 25+ hours and who knows what grade I'll get.

But you no what, I'm doing it. As much as I struggle with it Im going to college and no one can ever say I didn't try.

Well enough about that. Please continue to pray that I can quickly finish all my work. So that I can post interesting things for you to read!!

Miss you guys

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