Thursday, November 18, 2010

break my heart

So today was my last night in London.
I took it pretty hard...
I'm just not ready to come home yet.
But I know the joy of seeing my family will overcome the sadness of leaving this beautiful place.
It's just hard.
When you fall in love with a city you just don't want to leave it.
All my life I have never lived anywhere but Los Angeles. I really have never known any other city beside West Covina and its surroundings.
So leaving my home and coming to live in a new city was something completely foreign to me. Besides Mammoth (where we vacation every year) London is the only other city I have ever known.
I get so excited when people ask me for directions and I actually now how to get them there. Like when someone asked me if i knew how to get to St. Pauls Cathedral I confidently told them, "I sure do, Your going to take bus 24 towards pimlico and get off at camden tube station. Then take the northern line towards tottenham court road where you will change to the central line. Then go west on the line until your out st Pauls station." haha I know that it sounds so silly but doing things like this just make you feel like your part of the city. Like your no longer a tourist. I have just grown so comfortable here. I have made wonderful British friends and learned all the fun places to hang out in and what places not to go to.
Goodness I just don't ever want to forget my time here and the way it changed me.
I pray that I will be able to come once again.

Oh it was kind of funny I was looking over the list of places I dream of traveling to. It includes many countries I mean places like New Zeleand all the way to countries in the middle east like Israel. Well on my Europe list I had. (they are listed in order of how badly I want to visit them.)
1. England
2. Italy
3. Ireland
4. Greece
5. Spain

I think it's just amazing that I get to cross England off my list. I didn't have France on my list. I guess I will just have to write it on and cross it off. haha. So if I work my way down next I'll be going to Italy. Well I better work hard so that I can support myself and my traveling habit. It certainly can be expensive.

Well I will live you know.

ahhhh. I still can't believe I will be home tomorrow.
Friends and family please pray for me!
I love you guys

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