Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a bit of baking

I wanted to make something easy, dainty, and lovely. Oh and I needed it to be a recipe with ingredients I already have because I had no desire to go to the market.
So I pulled out the above cookbooks. I knew I would definitely find a recipe that would meet my requirements. These are some of my new favorite cookbooks. Below are two of the books I have particularly been enjoying as of late.DSC_0014DSC_0018
They have all sorts of inspiring images and recipes. I decided to make some mini lemon meringue tarts. I absolutely love all things lemon and any excuse to make some lemon curd is a win win.DSC_0028DSC_0021
These little desserts were a bit more time consuming then I thought they would be. Such patience you need as a baker. Who has time to chill their dough multiple times, or wait for their lemon curd to thicken... I so often forget to account for the time that will be spent in-between preparing components. I really don't mind taking my sweet time in the kitchen when the weather is cool but baking in the hot summer heat can be quite frustrating to me... Hoping my frustration disappears before I start my last semester of baking school next week.

Well tomorrow my sister and I are taking a day trip to Santa Barbara. Can't wait! A last little summer hurrah!


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