Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jet Lag.

everytime. It gets me so bad. I woke up every hour after 1am and around 4 I decided to stop trying to go back to sleep. So here I am wide awake while the house is still sleeping.

These Past few days have been so bittersweet and really emotional. Transitioning back to the way of life in your home country isn't always easy. I was aware it wouldn't be from my last experience away from home but this time I'm finding it really difficult in ways that I didn't when I came back from the UK. It seems that every time I return to the United States I get cultural shock. I never seem to get it upon arriving to another country but only when I come home. I remember experiencing it for the the first time when I came home from Samoa. I was 15 years old and about to start my sophomore year of High School and mind really couldn't comprehend how Americans as a whole had so much but were often so unhappy and negative. I had seen the people in Samoa with next to nothing always smiling and singing joyful songs. It was so strange! I thought why are Americans such complainers. I even recognized this complaining attitude in myself. Was it just that we had a sense of entitlement and when we didn't get what we wanted we fuss and whine.

Well every time I come back I see these negative traits more and more in our country. I see all that we have (i.e. wide open spaces, freedom, public education, clean water, the list goes on and on) and I am blown away. EVERYTIME.

on another note
So much has happened since I last blogged on Friday. Saturday I had a nice lunch with my Spanish "family" and then we went out to a party. We didn't get home til late. So I didn't get to bed til after 2 in the morn and then we woke up about 3 hours later to take me to the airport. About 27 hours later (it was a LONG trip home 4 airports, 3 planes and 16 hours of flight time) I was in my bedroom. So surreal. I feel so blessed to have experienced life in another country and to have had no real big problems. I know God was protecting me during my time away.

With that said. I just want to Thank all of you who kept me in your prayers. Thank you so much!! So very much!!

I really have a lot of blogging to do. There are still so many photos I want to share. Hopefully these next couple weeks I will get around to sharing them all.

Below are a few from the day I snapped photos of Bianca and Enok


Yet another country has stolen a piece of my heart. Praying the Lord provides away for me to return. The thought of not seeing my friends for a long period of time makes my heart hurt. I love them all so much and am thankful we have the internet to communicate through.

Well now I think I will work on another video!

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John King said...

Welcome Home! We have enjoyed watching your adventure from afar!!! Covina is glad to have you back!!!