Sunday, August 5, 2012

catching up

I got to spend some time with sweet Livie today. She has changed so much in the little time that I was away. I heard her say 100's of words that I had never heard from her before. She has quite the vocabulary and it seems to be growing rapidly. I also had here try on the darling Spanish dress I bought for her. She looked so precious in it I could hardly stand it. My mom and I didn't think it would fit her but were so happy to see that it looked just fine on her little self. After relaxing at home we went to a my uncles house. We played with my cousins old dolls and then enjoyed a good ole' BBQ. DSC_0487DSC_0503DSC_0497DSC_0514DSC_0528DSC_0536
Hands down the best part about being back home is getting to spend time with all the loved ones that I missed. Such happiness.


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