Wednesday, August 15, 2012

birthday cake.

butter cake.
strawberry mousse.
blueberry frosting.
I made this berry cake yesterday for my sister's birthday but we didn't get to enjoy it til today.
I was having some serious issues with the frosting so the cake didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it too. I tried to "fix" the frosting this morning but still had no luck. I wanted it to be light and fluffy but it was pretty dense... There wasn't a way to save it and I really didn't want to start from scratch again. I really do love decorating cakes but left this one pretty simple because of my "frosting" frustration. Oh well, next time.

Coryn actually isn't a big dessert person but what's a birthday without a slice of cake and candles to blow out. Right?

Well now im off to look at some sewing patterns. There are so many things I want to make. I'll definitely post pictures of whatever I decide to sew up next.

Happy Wednesday


Mademoiselle Marie said...

Oh my, the cake looks delicious! Do you have any tips on how to get the frosting to look smooth? Mine always ends up with lots of wholes and bumps in it - yours looks so much more professional ;)

Esther said...

For frosting cakes I think the best way is to always work with a well chilled cake. Stick it in the fridge a half an hour before frosting. Also I like to do a crumb coat. Use frosting to quickly coat the entire cake (don't worry if little crumbs get picked up they will get covered in the end) and then let the cake chill for a bit in the fridge once more before the final frosting .

I really think the crumb coat is what prevents all the bumps in lumps. Next time I make a cake I can try to walk you through the stages :)