Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freaking Out

Today was an emotional roller coaster. I woke up this morning remembering that I had forgotten to pay tuition. It was due yesterday. I can't believe that I forgot something so important. My dad had told me to make sure that we pay it before the last day it was due. I assured him I would.

but...I didn't

I frantically ran to the computer and logged into my account only to open it and see it without any of my information on it. By this time tears were rolling down my cheeks and I thought that they just took me off of the site and I wasn't a Cal Poly student anymore. (It sounds a bit ridiculous now) But anyway I called my dad sobbing to tell him that I forgot to pay tuition and I don't think I will be going there next quarter. (I had received an email saying that if you don't pay tuition on time all your classes would be dropped.)He calmed me down and told me to check the website again. Finally it let me onto my profile thing. So I payed the fees and didn't lose any of my classes. O and of course I learned my lesson.

Deep down inside the thought of not having to go to school excited me. But the fear of my parents being extremely made at me put my stomach in knots. I could just hear my parents telling me about how I wouldn't have any insurance now that I was not enrolled in Cal Poly.

It's weird to think that I freaked out about not being enrolled in something I can't stand doing.

It just goes to show that deep down inside I know that I need to go to college for the sake of my future no matter how much I don't like it.

O life you stress me out...

Finals are tommorrow and Thursday. I am stressed to the max. Please pray I excel in all my classes.


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