Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today I went to the library, thrifted, and watched a movie well sewing with Cassie and Alyse. It was fun even though we didn't get much done.
Then my parents, grandparents, David, and Alyse went to Coryn's choir concert. I couldn't get a good picture of Coryn because she was kind of far and music stand was blocking her. :)

I did get a good one of Rachel though.

The choir sang around us and it sounded amazing.


It was really great getting to hear all the Christmas music.
But all during the concert I couldn't stop thinking about how I have to take my math class over again... I just found out yesterday and I am so mad. I worked so hard. I just don't want to have to take it all over again. It really depresses me. Ugh. Because I didn't pass I need to change my class schedule which is extremely hard to do. The whole Cal State system is quite ridiculous right now. Before it was set up for me to take three classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Now I need to try to get Math 11 again. Hopefully I won't have to go in every day now. I am just praying I won't. My schedule was perfect the way it was. Ugh.I just need to get my mind off of it.

Geez that was a much needed vent. Goodness I need to stop complaining. I have so many blessings yet I complain entirely too much.
At least I have the holidays to distract me from the negatives.

Which reminds me I really need to get moving on my list of things to do Before Christmas. Only ten more days til it's here. Woohoo. Now that is something to get excited about. Can't wait til Christmas Eve with the cousins and then Christmas morning with my parents and siblings.

Tomorrow breakfast with the grandparents<3
-Esther Marquis Carrera

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