Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When it rains

Mimi drives me nuts.
She won't do her business.
Every morning I let her outside to go "potty."
She usually excitedly runs outside and does her thing.
But when it rains I have to literally push her outside.
The thing is she won't even go.
She doesn't like water.
I have tried taking her out with an umbrella but sill no luck.
She just cries and stares at me like this.

Then I feel bad for leaving her out in the cold.
But she needs to learn how to do her business rain or shine.
It doesn't rain often hear so I don't have to worry about this problem often but it can be such a pain.
Even though sometimes she drives me crazy, I love her to death.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...must run in the family...because her sister is the SAME WAY!!! See..Mimi has a little diva in her too! :) :) :) xoxo