Thursday, December 3, 2009

Before Christmas

There are about twenty things I would like to do before Christmas day.I have over 3 weeks off starting the eleventh and need things to do to keep me busy and productive. I can't wait til finals are over because that is when the fun really begins.

So here is the list
1.Watch this great movie.

2. Knit or crochet something adorable

like this. found here
3.Take these girls Christmas shopping.

I promised them I would.
4.Make cute things with beautiful fabrics

like these from Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks collection. She is my favorite fabric designer.
5. Actually put my products on the etsy account I made long ago.

Hopefully I will have time cause it is a great source of income for a college student. I am use to selling to friends and family but want to take my clientele to the next level. I just need to find the time to do so.
6.Bake a lemon cake with little Davey.

I promised we would on Thanksgiving.He helped me make cornbread and I told him we could make whatever he wanted another day and he said he wanted to make Lemon cake.
7.Decorate the Christmas tree.

We haven't put one up yet but hopefully we will decorate the house soon.
8.Bake and decorate sugar cookies.

9. Sing Christmas Carols

10.Watch David put up the Christmas lights up.

The last few years I watched him get up on the ladder and string the lights around the house but maybe this year I will acutally help him. haha
11. Sew some cute pajama bottoms.

Found here I just need to buy some super cute fabric to make them with.
12.Read a a good Christmas story to the kids I babysit.

I absolutely love reading children's books. I can't wait to read to my own kids.
13. Wrap presents in pretty paper.

14. Drink lots of hot chocolate.

15.Go to the Covina Christmas Parade.

16.Go to disneyland and see the pretty Christmas lights.

17.Bake something with this pretty girl.

18. Go on a nice long drive to some pretty place.

19.Have a wintery photoshoot with this lovely little lady.

20. Watch this adorable movie

I really hope I actually get to do all these fun things.
Well goodnight

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