Saturday, December 5, 2009

What a day

I started off my day with going to the dream center with Gaby and Cassie. It was awesome we had a lot of people volunteer today so the bus was full.We had so much fun. As usual we went to Jordan Downs and I got to hang out with these cuties for a while.

Then we headed to the mall and went to the Forever 21 at the Montebello mall(thanks Jessica) Bad idea there was so much cute stuff and I do not have enough money for all that I want. The Forever 21 there is wonderful. It use to be the old Mervyns so it is humongous and amazing. I will most definitely be going there more often.

After that we were in traffic for about and hour and a half. Not fun...Then we went to Alyse's house and ate some delicous chili made by Papa T (aka Mr.Tozier) before we were off to the Covina Christmas parade. So yep that means I did number 15 on the list Woohoo!

Alyse Shay and Alex watching the parade.

O and the Christmas lights are up. But... I didn't help David. I totally would have but he put them up today when I was gone. So two things down 18 more to go.

Well Goodnight I am so exhausted.

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