Friday, December 25, 2009

Take it all in

I really really don't want it to be over.
Christmas please stay.

Bye Christmas lights.
Bye Christmas movies.
Bye Christmas tree.
Bye Christmas music.

See you next year. I'm going to miss you.

Just when it finally starts to feel like Christmas,
Christmas about to end. Why does this always happen?

Trying to take it all in. Laying in bed listening to "O Holy Night" (one of my all time favorite Christmas songs)and looking at the Christmas lights outside.


1 comment:

Joyous said...

I'm so sad that its all going away too. :(
I lovveeee Christmas and I hate this time of year when all the decorations go away and there is no more christmas music on the radio. :(
How many more days till next October when we can start celebrating again??? :) :) :)