Sunday, December 13, 2009

sleepy head

I am exhausted. These past few days have been super busy but really fun. Today I went to church and then to Hungry Howie's with David, Coryn, Alyse, and Daniel. After David and I went Christmas shopping at the Montclair mall which only made him grumpy. We weren't even there long. We left with him saying, "I hate the mall. We got to get out of here." I only got to go to three stores... But I did get a few gifts.

After we left to the mall we went to my Uncle Hector and Auntie Rosie's house. We got to eat Delicious soups that my Aunt made and see my Papi who was in Mexico recently.

O and of course I got to see all my lovely cousins. It was a good day. I got to see the people I love.

When I got home I quickly went across the street to meet Gabby's cute pup. She is super cute and very sweet.

Well like I said early I am exhausted.


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