Monday, April 19, 2010

Bad Dog

So on Saturday my neighbors found Mimi out in the street. Ahhh. Thank God they found her. I was shocked. I have no idea how she got outside. I am seriously so glad that my wonderful neighbors happened to spot her. Ugh Mimi knows the she is not allowed in the front yard but she is just so disobedient and does whatever she pleases.
Yesterday she was disobedient yet again and did something she is not supposed to do in the house. When she saw me she immediately ran away and hid because she knew she had done something wrong. She is not a stupid dog because she knows what she isn't and is allowed to do. She is just straight out disobedient. I just don't know how to train her. I have tried everything. I have sprayed her with a water bottle, locked her in my room, spanked her bottom, sent her outside(she hates to be alone outside)but nothing seems to work. Well here our some of the pictures of how I found her after she got in trouble. She always hides.

Her big ole' puppy dog eyes
I didn't even touch or yell at her and look at her face.
She is sooooo bad

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Anonymous said...

awwwwww...poor meemers!!! :( That little stinker!!! She is just like her sister!!!!