Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today was a blah day. It stared with me finding out that I got an F on my Bio test. A 48 percent to be exact. Ugh that is so bad. The thing that stinks is that I went into this test feeling confident. Me and test don't get along to well. I rarely receive great test scores. It drives me nuts when people who don't study at all Ace tests and quizzes. Why can't that be me. I will study something for days and completely blank out before a test. Gah I have serious test anxiety. I need to work on not being stressed over these things because it only makes the problem worse. Oh and the thing that is really bad is that most college classes are purely graded from test scores which is horrible for people like me. The only way that I got straight A's my senior year of high school was because I would score so well on my homework, projects, and class work. Now everything is based on test and quiz's. Because of this Bio test the highest grade I can get in the class is a C (lame) and that's only if I get A's on my next two tests. I pray I do. I do not want this Bio class to lower my GPA eek.
Then to make my day worse I went to Math and received the exam I took and I got a D (67%) I just so badly want to pass this class. School is really stressing me out right now. I also need to volunteer 30 hours for my service learning class and the place I turned my volunteer application in has yet to call me back. My professor said we should have 15 hours by the end of the week to be on pace. I think I might just have to volunteer somewhere else. It has to be at a place on campus... Ugh I'm so frustrated. School, you are driving me mad.
Oh and then I need ten thousand dollars on top of that to go to London.

Wow that was a much needed vent.
I am praying for stress free days...
Summer I need you.

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