Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today Alyse, Bryan, and I saw Pocahontas! She is my all time favorite Disney Princess! I think she is the prettiest cartoon character. haha. Her long hair is my favorite.I was so excited when we saw that she was taking pictures but then we met her and she wasn't as cool as I thought she would be.

It was really weird she told us to put our hands on our hips. I don't think she wanted us to touch her. She was a bit odd compared to all the other disney characters in the park.
Then Bryan took some pictures with her.
He is trying to be her John Smith.

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Joyous said...

This makes me laugh so hard...because when we met her...I didn't like her either. She is SNOOTY!!! hhaha bur she LIKES the boys! She paid more attention to Sean and wanted him to be her John Smith too! I think Disney needs to know about this!!! hahaha