Monday, November 1, 2010

little things...

Oh the little things... like sweet letters. Those are what make my jump for joy. I like them so much i had previously posted about them here. So dear friends thank you soooo very much for sending me lovely letters. I don't know what it is. The idea that some one sat down and wrote me a letter which then traveled across the world to get to me makes my heart so happy. So boys the key to a girls heart is letters. I don't know about all, but I'm sure most of them would appreciate them as long as there not creepy. (Creepy letters are not fun... I know this from experience)

Everyday I run down to the student center to check for any letters are packages! Alot of kids have been getting "American food" from their parents. I don't really miss anything like that. The food I do miss cannot be mailed (mexican food, pinkberry, seafood) But I do miss having gum. They don't really have the kinds that I like over here. I did get some from two friends which was absolutely wonderful!! I got super excited. So if anyone else wants to send some trident or orbit. That would be amazing ;)

My favorite letter was the one from my mama.
I miss her so...
For those of you who were asking about my address it is.

Esther Carrera
AIFS Student Center
Dilke House
1 Malet St.
London WC1E 7JN
United Kingdom

Well I better get back to studying.

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meredith said...

This is so sweet Esther! It looks like these letters brought a smile to your face. :)

You are lucky to have such thoughtful friends! I hope you enjoyed your time in London. I would love to study abroad.

Thanks so much for your comment! Have a great weekend!