Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas time comes a little bit earlier in England compared to the states. Of course they don't celebrate Thanksgiving so there is nothing to prolong the start of decorating for the Chritmas holiday. Gaby and I have began seeing Christmas items pop up all last week.

I absolutely love it because I always feel that the Christmas season never last long enough. I am so excited and ready to celebrate the birth of Christ with the rest of England. It's so nice because for once in my life it actually feels like Christmas weather. I get to were a coat and scarf and feel cold. Back home it will be Christmas Eve. and I will throw on shorts and a t-shirt which always feels so wrong. It's so much better to be able to cozy christmas type things.

I bet for the Londoners they probably feels that it isn't nearly cold enough to feel like Christmas time yet.

Anyways just thought I share some photos of the spectacular lights. They just light up the streets beautifully. Oh im going to miss London soooo much... :(
I am just so blessed to be here and especially to have such a dear friend with me.

for all my friends back in the states, Merry Early Christmas!

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