Sunday, November 14, 2010


You'll never guess what this is.

no it's not a science project

but that is liquid nitrogen.

and yes it was poured into a mixer.

Okay fine, I'll tell you. It's ice cream made through a liquid nitrogen process. So cool, right? So this is how it works you start by choosing your base. I got the brown bread with ginger. That was their special one. They also had vanilla and chocolate. Then the worker makes it for you with his cool lab coat on and protective glasses. After that you choose your toppings. I got carmel and candied pecans.

The ice cream was excellent. Goodness, I have eaten a lot of gelato and ice cream since my arrival to England. I had some amazing flavors that I am pretty sure they won't have back home. I am most definitely going to miss all the delicious places that I get it from. It just means I will have to experiment with making my own unique flavors when I get home.

Goodnight friends in London
good afternoon friends in LA

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