Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crazy Curls

Today I curled my sister and cousins hair. It was pretty fun and I only burned myself a couple of times. Haha. The curler looks like a torturing tool. Its this long thin hot rod. But it is this cute pink color. Well I just wanted to show some pictures of these crazy curls. I think they are really cute.
She really liked them. It looked so pretty and shiny.
So many curls. I still needed to put some of the curls back to finish off the look.
I thought Coryn's looked super cute and funky.
But she did not feel the same way and quickly brushed all the curls out and put them in a pony tail. All my hard work for nothing.
Well I guess that will be the last time I do her hair like that.

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Your favorite cousin said...

Uh esther i do not like that picture....