Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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So I don't have a date to the senior prom. Lameness. I was going to take my friend but then it turned out that he can't go.

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

I mean I am really excited about getting ready and putting on my lovely dress and all that fun stuff but on the otherhand I am dreading it.

Last week I was totally fine with going single because alot of my friends were too. But know all of them have seemed to find a date except me. Ugh

Personally I don't really like dances too much. I love the getting ready part but the whole "dance" aspect of it isn't my favorite. I mean it's just a bunch of teenagers bumping and grinding. Well I hope I have lots of fun.

The picture is of my friend Monica and I. We along with some of our other friends went to Homecoming without dates : [ but it turned out to be pretty fun : ].

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Anonymous said...

hahahah...bumping and grinding! :) Hope you had fun girlie! :) You always know how to spice things up! :)
Cant wait to hear all about it! :)