Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Movie

I love going to the movies in the summer. Tonight Coryn, Jessica and I went to see My Sisters Keeper.I absolutely loved it. It was wonderfully made. It was also one of the saddest movie I have ever seen. I mean I cried the entire movie. I really mean the entire movie. From the first scene all the way to the last I was bawling my eyes out. I tried hard not to make noise. Jessica and Coryn cried throughout the movie. The movie had great actors, a amazing story, and wonderful music.

I usually don't really enjoy sad movies I get to attached to the characters and don't like to see them hurting but this movie was different. It was very peaceful and enjoyable and I would definitely love to see it again.

When we got out of the theater and saw each others swollen eyes we just laughed and decided to take a picture. We were all so giggly from crying so darn much. Especially Coryn who never cries in movies. Here is the picture. You can't really see how red our eyes and faces were because of the flash. It really doesn't even look any different from a normal picture. But we really did look pretty bad. Haha

Well good night world.


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