Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Gloom.

I kind of loved the weather today. Randomly rainy with thunder and lightning. That is the best. But I hope that it clears up this weekend. I mean prom wouldn't be as much fun with lots of rain and gloomy weather.

I am getting a little more excited about the whole prom thing.

I can't wait to dance the night away with my girls!
Victoria and Alyse
Well I am off to bed. Goodnight world!


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Heidi said...

You are just too cute! Every time I see you, I am so impressed by your cute style of cloths and this fun new hair you have going on. More than that though, you are always so cheerful and happy, I love running into you at school! I am glad you are getting excited about Prom!! Have fun, some of my best memories are shopping for dresses with my mom or friends and getting ready with the girls. Of course the dancing was always fun too. Once your out of HS there just aren't as many opportunities to get all dressed up and just dance! Have so much fun!!!