Monday, June 1, 2009

How can it be?

When did I turn eighteen?
When did I learn to drive?
When did I get a job?
When did high school start coming to an end...

Sometimes it seems like time is going by so slowly and then other days so fast. Too fast.

I was just looking at pictures of my cousin Gabe and I. This one to be precise.
He is just the sweetest/coolest little seven year old ever.

Well anyways when I saw this picture I thought about how it seems like just yesterday he was born. I remember it so clearly. I went to my Uncle Hector and Auntie Rosie's house extremely excited and anxious to meet my new baby cousin. I remember getting to hold him for the first time on the couch. My Auntie Rosie put him on my lap and I was so thrilled. His little hands and feet were so precious. From that day on I always wanted to hold him and play with him. He was my sweet little baby cousin. Then years later I got three more new cousins to love and play with but those boys are a whole other story I will have to write about them later. But anyways now look at him. He is so big and handsome.
haha poor Mimi.
Ralph & Linda Swimming 02 001
This was him and I in June of 2002 Gabey Baby.

Ohh and I really can't believe I am graduating from high school in 16 days. I mean it actually feels like I have been in high school for a great deal of time but the end of the school year totally snuck up on me. So did our last Christmas. It came way too soon. I didn't really get into the holiday spirit til it was already over. :[

It's so weird how somethings seem like they were ages ago like junior high for example. O how I miss being in Junior high. It was so fun. But I had the most wonderful time in high school. I bet I will miss it(my friends at least but not the work) but I am hoping that college is even better.

But we will see because I am not really a fan of school work. I like the socializing part of education. Haha.

Well I got to go and enjoy my last sixteen days of high school!



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