Sunday, September 12, 2010

boat, tube, and bus

Today I did a great deal of sight seeing. It was wonderful. I went all over London via the tube, buses and a boat. We saw so many amazing sites. Well going site seeing Gaby and I realized we have so many more sight we need to see. Thank God we have months to get it all done.
Oh and the weather was absolutely stunning today. Pretty blue skies and nice cool breezes all day long!

Saint Paul's Cathedral was so detailed and beautiful!


In the evening Gaby and a few friends went to the Thames festival. It was really cool to see all the street vendors selling all sorts of different things. I had a delicious falafel.
Well I better get to bed. I have school early tomorrow morning. Im praying my classes are easy and not at all stressful.

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Joyous said...

Amaaaaaazing pictures Esther!!! Love seeing them!!! What a gorgeous place on a gorgeous day! I'm so jealous that you are wearing a sweater and boots. It was so hottttt today!!! Love you! <3