Friday, September 17, 2010


Today we went to Brighton. The weather was perfect! The beach was so pretty. We walked down the pier and then went towards the sea shore.

It didn't have sand but smooth stones instead. The sea was absolutely beautiful.

Then we went to see the Royal Pavilion which was amazing. They don't let you take pictures inside the palace :( I really wish you could see how eccentric the interior was. It was decorated in a Chinese fashion. The palace was where Kind Edward IV resided. He was the King before his niece Queen Victoria. O how I love lea ring all the history. It is amazing being able to see the places they resided.

We ate fish n' chips for the first time in England. They were so warm and delicious. Unfortunately Gaby got attacked by a Seagull who took half of her fish. It was absolutely hilarious/horribly sad all at the same time. The seagull came out of nowhere hit the back of her head and stole the fish. Then it dropped it and a bunch more seagulls came. I guess the birds prefer their fish deep fried as opposed to raw! Anyways Gaby is completely fine but we both just wished I had gotten it on video.

Later that day I got a Flake 99. It was a wonderful treat to end a beautiful day.

Time to do some more studying :( I am so glad I get to sleep in tomorrow.

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