Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just like Home

Last week Gaby went to Chipotle! It was so cool seeing one in London. The food was a tad different. It seemed a bit more healthy. They had brown rice and their burritos seemed a little bit smaller then are massive burritos. They weren't bursting out of the foil like they are in the states.

When we walked in we were kindly greeted by the Chipotle worker. He asked if we had ever been to Chipotle before and we said yes. He then told us he could tell by our accents.

The burritos were actually a lot more expensive then the back home. They were seven pounds which is almost eleven U.S dollars. When I found that out I started to head for the door. The worker then stopped us and asked us why we weren't going to stay. I kindly told him that we were poor college students and it was out of our budget. Then he said if we buy 3 burritos he would give us three free!(there were six of us) Isn't that the sweetest thing? We all were super excited and extremely grateful. He even threw in free chips and salsa. It was such a blessing.

London Chipotle we love you!

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Jessie. said...

Woah, Thats soo Cool that he gave u guys free ones. Hahaha, :)
I love youuu