Friday, September 24, 2010

How we get around

Gaby and I take the bus and tube everywhere. It's kind of weird but we haven't been in a actual car for over 2 weeks now. I think that's the longest I have ever gone without being in a car. We both don't seem to mind it though. We find public transportation extremely easy to use.I love not having to worry about the price of gas or finding a parking space when I'm on the go.

Every morning I walk to the bus station either alone or with Gaby. Gaby doesn't go to school as early as I do on Tuesday and Thursday so I make my way to school solo. I find myself running after for too many buses. I mean I could wait ten minutes or less for the next one to come but I guess I am not patient enough.

Well anyways let me tell you how we get around the lovely city of London. We usually catch the bus to the tube station. Here are a few pictures from our day.

Above is a picture of Gaby sitting at the bus stop trying not to laugh as I snap some shots of her.

and here is a picture of my boots and the wet pavement. It rained pretty good today.

^Gaby about to flag down the bus

Then we wait for the tube to come.

Gaby once again trying not to laugh as I snapped a few pictures of her on the tube.

This is my reflection from the windows on the tube. You can never see out of the windows because it is always pitch black in the tunnel. Unless of course you are approaching a stop. Notice the random guy in the background...

We might have to change tubes depending on where we go. Today we only had to change twice. We went to a book fair and then out to eat.

Like I have said before their is so much history in London. Right as we got out of the tube station we saw the beautiful tower of London. Amazing. I'm still trying to take in all the beautiful things we see.

Then we had some delicious Indian food. Fresh Naan and chicken tiki.

Well the day is still young. Gaby and I are going to figure out something else to do.

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Joyous said...

FUN!!!!!!!!! Oh...I am so jealous...but such a good jealous!!! I soooo wish I could have studied abroad...but then...I don't think I would have been as brave as you. :) How often do you hear "Mind The Gap" at the tube?!?!? :) :) :)