Monday, September 13, 2010

Rocky Start

Oh heavens. Today was my first day of school. Let me just tell you it didn't go so well.
First of all Gaby and I woke up late. I thought I set my alarm for 7 am but I set it for 7 pm. So we woke up around 8am and frantically got ready then headed to the bus for our lit class. Luckily we got to class right on time.

I'm not to excited for my literature class. I hate writing unless I'm journaling or blogging.

After that Gaby and I got back on the bus and headed home.

then...I realized I forgot my literature book on the bus. Ugh. At least Gaby has the same class as me so I can read hers.

Now I know
1.not to set my books down on the bus because Im sure to forget it.
2. I need to write my name, telephone, and the student center on my books so if the bus workers find it I can pick up from their lost and found. I am going to try and call them tomorrow morning and see if they found my book.

Oh and another not so great thing about today was that I went to exchange some money at a bank and their exchange rate was a bit high.
I really wish that I exchanged my money back in the U.S. they had better rates.
I should have checked the rate before I exchanged it but I waited in line forever and was in desperate need of some pounds. Besides I just assumed that the bank would be better then the sketchy place I exchanged money last time but I guess not. That place had a lower rate.
I exchanged 142 dollars and got back 84 pounds (that's about $1.67 for a pound)
Gaby pulled 77 dollars from an ATM and got 50 pounds(that's about $1.54 for a pound)
So at least I know were to get money from the ATM.
So I learned that by transferring my money at "Lloyd's Bank" I lost a little over 10 dollars. Boo.
I know its not to much but I really wanna make my money stretch so that I am able to bring back lots of Souvenirs. London is very expensive. :(

Gaby and I are really brushing up on our math skills with this whole converting currency thing. That's one good thing about the difference in currency.

Anyways on a more positive note me day is getting much better now. I just had lunch and I don't have any homework tonight!! Gaby and I are going to go shopping for dinner soon and go to the heath for a walk.

I'm still loving London even though I had a bit of a rocky start at school today.

Dear friends please pray that I have a pleasant educational experience and that my professors aren't too "out there"

Thank you

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Anonymous said...

Don't let today get you down, friend. It's all part of the experience. I know you will do well in your classes. You CAN do it!!! Find an adorable park bench in Notting Hill or a wonderful little cafe and make that your place to study. :) I believe in you and know you will succeed in all that you set your mind and heart to! :) :) :) I love you sweet friend! Praying for you everyday!!!

PS...I would be frustrated losing $10 bucks like that too! That's ridiculous!!! But glad you are finding something positive about it! Sharpening those math skills aint bad for us non-math people! :) :) :) I'm right there with you sister! :) <3