Saturday, September 18, 2010

the markets

Today we went to the Stables market and the Cambden Town market located a few minutes away from our house. We ate and did a little bit of shopping. There was so many adorable clothing stores and amazing places to eat. They had Moroccan,Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Ethiopian, Mexican, Polish, Russian, Brazilian,Lebanese and so many other types of food. We will most definitely have to go back to try some of the diverse cuisines.

Well once again the internet is not allowing me to upload pictures. Maybe this week I will take my laptop to school and try to upload there.

For now I am going to bed.

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Shannon Colton said...

Hi Esther! I'm so enjoying living this trip thru you! Keep the posts coming! And remember, if you bring your laptop to school, you must keep it on your lap (as to no leave it behind on the bus) :) xoxo