Sunday, March 22, 2009


So it has been a year today since I lost my little Sombrita. I really can't believe it. The first few months after she died seemed like forever but now I can't believe it has been a year. At times I feel like Sombrita was just here. To me she was just the cutest little dog. I was heartbroken when she died. Honestly it was the saddest day of my life. Some people may read this and think how can that be the saddest thing that ever happened to someone. But I honestly loved that dog so much. We did so much together. She was always there. We use to watch movies together, play outside, just about everything. I mean when I use to do my homework she would always lay on my math book. It was so hard being alone at my house. I had never been home alone (with no dog at least) I think that was just about the saddest part. Even though she was just a little chihuahua she made me feel so safe. I cried so much after her death. Sometimes I still do. But so far today I have gone tearless. The only thing that kept and keeps me sane through this is God. But I just didn't understand why God would allow my little baby Sombra to die. I thought who would benefit from this? And why did she have to die in such a horrible way (my brother accidently ran over her.) But she died instantly. I am glad she did not have to suffer. I love that my parents were so comforting through all my grieving especially my mother. I would cry and think to myself, "O my gosh I need to get myself together she was just a dog"


To get over it I had to turn the situation into something positive. I thanked God that he put the wonderful dog in my life for nine years. He gave me something good to love and care for. Through this I realized how blessed I am. I thought to myself how wonderful my God is. He has given me everything I needed. If my dog dying is the saddest thing I have been through it goes to show that he has really blessed me. I meen I still have both sets of grandparents, my parents are still married, I live in a house, I have a car. The list goes on and on. Now I just want to share and use my blessings to help others in need.


Joyous said...

awwww...little sombrita...such a sweetie. I always loved how she would howl and sing. :) Sweet memories that last a lifetime. ;) I am so glad you are writing about your doggie. Isn't it theraputic?
Love you sweetie.

Heidi said...

I can't even imagine, loosing you best little friend!!! She wasn't just a doggie, she was your pal, your little friend. If something happened to Buddy or Boo, I don't know what I would do, so, don't feel weird for crying. Anyone who says she was "just a dog", obviously never had a pet that they truly loved. Now you have sweet little Mimi who loves you and needs you just as much!! ; ) We need to have a doggie play date soon!!!

Heidi said...

oops, I put too many o's in losing... way to go first grade teacher!! ; )