Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yay First Post!

I love to journal and have filled up too many to count so I decided to start blogging. I dont know if anyone will every read these but if they dont that is totally okay. Writing is such a stress reliever. I think thats why I do it so often. To get my feelings on paper. Or the internet? I guess. O great now I sound really emotional. But I am not. Anyways...

I don't write very well. My mind is crazy and always in super random places and that is how my writing is. All mish mashed.

Im extremely tired but the scent of oatmeal cookies is keeping me awake. My mother is baking them right now. I just want to stay up so I can eat one. But by the time they are finished baking and cool off it will be far to late for me to stay awake. I am such a five year old. I am ready for bed at eight thirty. haha. I should just hit the hay. I am trying to eat healthy anyways.

Maybe cookies for breakfast tomorrow. Ugh but it will ruin my "healthy eating". Darn Oatmeal Cookies.
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1 comment:

Joyous said...

YEAH!!! A new blogging friend! I am so excited to have something new to read, Miss Esther! :) You are beautiful inside and out and I always admire your poise, your confidence and your sweet, nurturing spirit! Love you sweets!!!