Friday, March 20, 2009

Tire Swing

Today ABC and E (no D) went on a nice little hike to the top of a hill in San Dimas. It was really fun. Even though I whined a lot because I was wearing ballet flats which made it kind of difficult to walk up and down a steep hill. I was such a baby. I did almost fall like three times but I managed to break my fall by putting my hand on this prickly weed that made my palms bleed. (eww it really hurt) But besides that it was great. We are planning on going more often. O and there was this awesome tire swing. What a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

FUN!!! I wanna go! Looks like fun! :) :)

Shorty_Gabs said...

I wanna go! Next time you do, please call me!

You are right, you do need an "f" haha