Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I love school right now. Senior year is the best. I have three electives, English, and Government. Because I have only two academic classes (that are very easy) I rarely am assigned any homework. This gives me time to do the things I love like sew, knit and crochet etc. So today with all my extra time I crocheted Coryn a cute little beret. She looks super cute in hats. Me not so much. Well tomorrow I will try to post some pictures of Coryn wearing it. I wanted to take some with her wearing it today but she is hard at work (she is working on a term paper) She has some tough classes right now. Junior year was the most difficult grade for me. But taking the hard classes when you are in 11th grade totally pays off when you are a senior. Anyway I need to stop rambling and go to sleep.
- Esther

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