Friday, May 25, 2012

And so it begins.

my little journey in Spain

this sounds all too familiar. Reminds me of this experience
Living in another country. How interesting it truly is.

The people here

dress different
Speak different
Interact different

Such a strange experience it can be to leave the country where you live and move to some place where you don't speak the same language.

Sweet friends will you please pray for me during my time in Spain? I'm asking the Lord for wisdom, patience,and flexibility (something you need when you are living in someones home)

Here are some pieces of my day. I ventured off into the town between watching the baby in the morning and now. (She is sleeping so I have some time to write before she wakes.) I went by foot but tomorrow I think I will take the train into the main city. I have a cel phone so I feel more comfortable doing so.
There are pine trees EVERYWHERE and this town smell so good because of it.
Some of the homes I pass while walking.DSC_0019
DSC_0018I went to the market and bought some almonds and then sat at the park and attempted to practice my spanish.
The weather is really warm right now but it's going to really heat up soon! Eeks.

Well I will blog some more tomorrow.

Happy Friday!!!


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