Tuesday, May 8, 2012

first attempt.

So I have been wanting to dye yarn naturally for the longest time and have finally bought a skein of wool to play with.
I separated this large skein into 3 smaller ones in order to practice dyeing different colors.
This part took far too long...
I gathered rose petals and lavender to create what I hoped what be a soft pink color.
I added a few tea bags to bring some more color into the dye.
Below is the color of the dye I came up with.
I soaked the yarn in the dye solution for around 12 hours and this is what the yarn looked like.
Not exactly pink....
This just means I'll have to experiment with a lot more dyes. Can't wait! I really enjoyed the process.
I know I'll find ways to use this soft brown in knits. I always need more neutrals in my stash anyways.

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