Saturday, May 26, 2012


Today I went into the Valencia city center all by my lonesome.
It was nice. I get to move and my own pace and really get to take in my surroundings. There is no one to distract me. It's weird not being around Americans I haven't seen one since Tuesday. So strange. Since this is my first trip alone this is really something I'm not use to. When I do leave the country I usually go with at least 10-12 americans (mission trips and study abroad) This time its just me. This is such a great learning experience. I always thought of myself as someone who was very independent. I often took trips around Los Angeles alone but this experience is forcing me to be even more confident when being alone. I don't feel lonely yet as I have kept myself occupied with photography, writing in my journal, and reading. Keeping busy will help keep my mind off of the ones I miss back home i.e. daddy, mama, mimi, rynie, david and all my sweet friends.

Well let me get off this tangent and show you some photos from my day.

Without further ado here are some photos taken by and American girl in beautiful EspaƱa.
Oh and thank goodness I have experience with the London tube because the underground transportation here is just like it. So it was very easy for me to sans english!
Oh how beautiful so many European cities are. The old buildings all over western europe always make me weak in the knees. Sooo pretty.
And the way some of the european children dress... Swoon. So adorable makes me want to sew something just as sweet. Sorry the pictures is bad it was a tight crop I just wanted to show you these cute little twins I spotted in there adorable outfits!
After walking around for a bit I bought some gelato and headed home.
What a lovely day it was.



Unknown said...

hey, i recognize that train station!!!! I love that you are blogging and please continue!!!!
love your pics!!!!---april

Anonymous said...

So sweet! And so excited for you! Love you! Joy