Sunday, May 27, 2012

Festival de las Naciones

Today I ventured into the city for the Festival de las Naciones. It was a celebration of different cultures. I had so much fun seeing all the booths and smelling all the different cuisines from many countries.
When I saw the booth for the United States I just had to check it out.
Nothing says America like BBQ ribs, Jack Daniels and Duff Beer (this one really through me off) OHHH and Guns' n Roses playing in the background. Really???? What a beautiful way to capture American culture... Not.
Below are some lousy photos I snapped under the tent so that you could see the menu and have a good laugh.
Chicken nuggets and Onion rings. Again, really? On second thought that actually sounds about right...eeeks. I can't even count the children in America I have cared for who live off of Chicken nuggets...
Then I headed to the shopping area. Some of the booths had some really nice clothes and jewelry.
I even bought myself a purse. I got to practice haggling in Spanish. The man would not budge on the price. I told him I would give him 20 euros and all of the change in my purse which was like 3,20 euro and he said no... He wanted 25. I said no thank you and walked away and then he tried to sell me a smaller one for that price. I looked at it and kindly said no again and walked away once more. And then all of sudden he said "Vale, Vale" which means "Okay, Okay" I know it was just a couple Euros off but this country is expensive so I really to try and get some good deals...
I didn't get a picture of the bag I bought but it's really lovely. I'll have to do an outfit post soon.
After I sat under a beautiful tree and enjoyed some delicious sangria and paella. So very good!!!
Then I went back to check out what else was going on. It turns out they were having some sort of military history day or something. It was hard for me to understand in spanish. Anyways they had people dressed up in military costumes from other countries. Starting from the the Roman empire to around the 1950's I believe. I snapped a ton of pictures.
Above is a photo in front of the American Military tent.
I thought it was really funny that this guy had a lipstick stain on him during his whole presentation. I wonder if he knew.

Then I walked back to the underground station and headed back home.
I walked passed some stairs full of confetti and a beautiful garden. Sigh I just love Europe.
I also had to stop for some caffeine and dessert.
I wanted to try something different. I knew I needed coffee. I was so tired and it was only 4 P.M. So I got an shot of expresso with whipped cream and a pistachio macaron.

Well that pretty much sums up my day. Now I better get some rest I have to work early tomorrow morning.



Mademoiselle Marie said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying Europe!! The reenactment pictures made me laugh, especially the lipstick guy!
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to send you a letter or little parcel yet, life has been pretty busy. I'll definitely send something this week!

amanda said...

These are great photos! Looks like an amazing day!

Anonymous said...

That shot of espresso looks heavenly! What a fun day! The American food booth kills me, though! Oye! Love you! Joy