Wednesday, May 30, 2012


strong coffee
Valencia orange juice
and a croissant.
Lovely, just lovely.
desayuno especial
Why don't we have more cafes in America! Oh how I wish we did! I love this breakfast special. Everything above for a mere €2.50 which is equivalent to $3.25. The best thing is that I can sit at that cafe for hours and no one has a problem with it. It's normal. People go to cafe's and sit and chat with friends for as long as they desire.

Americans have settled for McDonalds.... A Mcmuffin, a hash brown and some coffee. No thank you!

Below is some delightful bread I bought at another bakery.
Im certainly going to miss being able to get fresh bread so easily. I suppose I'll just have to do a lot of baking when I get home!

Happy Wednesday!

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Mademoiselle Marie said...

Oh man, you won't believe how much I missed bread when I was in Canada! And cafes! It's such a wonderful part of the European culture! I'm sure you'd love France - it's a bakery-heaven and everything is super cheap (a regular baguette cost 0.75€ in Lyon!!!!)
Just looking at those pictures makes me hungry...