Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby's grown up

Isn't she pretty. She is all grown up. I still have mixed feelings about growing up. When I was young I never wanted to get older. But then one day I realized I need to be thankful for every new day,every year of life that I am blessed with. You can't live in the past no matter how much you want to. Everyone gets older. I'm now okay with growing up as long as I can remember the past. That's why I write so much. To remember today and just let everything im feeling out. Out of my head on to the paper. Same with pictures. I love to document today with pretty pictures. They can really take you back. You can look at one picture and hundreds of memories flood into your mind.

but anways back to little sister. Here is one of her senior pictures that my wonderful neighbor/friend took. I think mis padres are going to use this picture and the following two for my sister's dedication page. Cuteness.

These pictures are only distant memories now.
Oh if I could only be five again.

I wish I could remember a little bit more. But I thank God for all the childhood pictures I have. They always make me smile.

Night night

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