Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Im young
My room is usually messy
Im old fashioned
im blessed
dresses are my favorite
I visit disneyland often
I take pictures (lots of them)
I consume way too much yogurt and ice cream
I wish I played an instrument (it's never to late)
handmade is the way to go
traveling is my thing
ruffles,flowers,lace, pretty pastels are my favorite
old movies beat new ones anyday
pretty fabric is my weakness
I hate when people fight
I can't stand still
I love giving gifts
I like to smell pretty
My mom makes me happy
newborns make my heart melt
I make things
I talk alot
My room is pink and green
Music makes me feel good
I love helping people in need
I can be stubborn
I have HUGE dreams
I love sewing
I enjoy searching for treasures at thrift stores.
I love giving gifts.
Mimi my Chihuahua is amazing
I love a good bargain
Jesus has my heart.

There will probably be more random facts to come.


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